About Escape Games

How it works

You and your team will enter one of our escape game challenges and improvise your way through the rooms by searching for hidden objects, deciphering codes and using various components to achieve your objective. Whether it be disarming a bomb or stealing a diamond all our escape games have unique objectives.

Not locked in

Although the genre is called escape games, our games are not about being locked in or escaping. Best Escape Purmerend offers more than a room escaping experience, our challenges have fun problem solving tasks leading to players accomplishing their objectives.

Playing with kids

Our challenges are primarly designed for adults, some can however be played in family mode where some problems are a little easier. We recommend at least one adult per team and a minimum age of 10 years.

Physical requirements

This is primarly a mind game. Running, climbing, crawling or heavy lifting is not allowed. If you need reading glasses, be sure to bring them with you.