Booking terms and conditions

Cash-free payment

Payment is done on-site before your game. We accept Visa and Master Card, but we cannot accept cash payment. You may opt to pay by invoice by contacting us at

Free cancellations up until game start

Bookings may be cancelled up until game start at no cost. Cancellation can only be done by sending an email to, quoting the date, time and game that has been booked. Pre-paid bookings, or booking where an invoice has been ordered cannot be cancelled.

Change in number of players

Changes in the number of players can be done without prior notice. Should additional or fewer games be needed, please notify us at

Be sober!

This is primarly a challenge for the mind. Drinking alcohol before the game will lower your performance and you will not fully enjoy the game. You may not be allowed access to the game if on-site staff considers your level of intoxation a risk.

CCTV surveillance and recording of games

All games are fitted with cctv surveillance cameras. All games are recorded and stored. We may transmit game images to team members, but we do not publish them openly unless specifcally agreed upon.
The purpose of the video surveillance is:

  • To reduce the risk of intentional damage
  • To improve the game experience of on-going games
  • To analyze game event in order to improve future games
  • To provide memorable pictures for team members